Hiring An Expert Wedding Planner: The Advantages

Have you ever questioned why Jennifer Lopez had made such a fantastic impact on her motion picture, “The Wedding Planner?” This is because a lot of people, after enjoying the film, had finally realized the significance of employing a wedding coordinator.

Long previously, most couples are having reservations on the idea of working with a wedding planner. They have doubts if hiring the services of a wedding coordinator is actually worth their cash, particularly those who are in a tight budget.

Generally, working with the services of a wedding coordinator is actually an issue of choice and personal choice. If you think that you and your fiancé can deal with most of the wedding planning without any burden, then, go on with your strategies.

But if you think that doing all the planning from the very beginning is already tedious, then, it is time for you to hire the services of a wedding coordinator.

Essentially, a wedding coordinator is somebody who is proficient and educated when it comes to wedding plans. Wedding planners have actually already established their contacts with many companies that are very important in the wedding such as flower arrangers, caterers, venues, and so on

. So, for most individuals who are not yet conscious the perks they can obtain from working with a wedding coordinator, right here are some facts that you need to know:.

1. Employing a wedding planner will save you time.

Planning a wedding can be a challenging task. It can even be more tiresome if the individual who prepares the wedding is an individual likewise like the new bride or the groom. It can be really hard to have an open mind especially with all the jitters and every little thing.

Furthermore, planning a wedding does not happen over night. Normally, it would take you 200 to 300 hours of planning, thinking, and conceptualizing. Hence, to conserve you time and effort, it is best to hire the services of a wedding coordinator.

2. More cost savings.

Lots of individuals contend that the reason they do not work with a wedding planner is that it will be an additional cost on their part.

What they do not know is that hiring the services of a wedding planner can actually save you more cash due to the fact that most of the wedding planners have actually already established strong contacts with some of the usual wedding companies like flower arrangers, places, and so on. Therefore, discounts are more likely to occur due to the fact that they have their own connections currently.

3. Organized planning.

With wedding planners, weddings can be more arranged since many wedding planners are very certain from the biggest down to the last details of the wedding.

After all, it is their repair so they understand what ought to be done best.

In addition, wedding coordinators have actual timeline that they follow in order to have all the details be prepared on time or even way ahead of time, leaving all the last-minute changes behind.

4. The choices are still yours.

With wedding planners, the decisions are still with the couple. The wedding coordinator will simply guide, render some ideas, and help the couple in making the choice.

Thus, the couple will have the ability to, still, have their own style and choice with regards to the planning of their wedding.

5. Self-confidence boosters.

Among the very best things about wedding coordinators is that they serve as confidence boosters for the new bride and the groom.

All of us know how jittery and edgy wedding couples can be particularly if they are in a rush or having difficulty discovering the best item for their wedding. However wedding planner, they will be more at convenience and more positive that their wedding will be ideal since they understand that they have laid the information of their wedding upon the hands of a professional.

Certainly, there could be no much better person who truly knows the ins and outs of wedding planning even more than exactly what the wedding coordinator can do.

So, for wonderful weddings, it is most ideal to work with the services of a wedding planner.


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At Guitar Center in Overland Park Kansas

You are looking at a Gibson 2013 Les Paul Standard Premium. This is the actual guitar you will receive should you decide to purchase. (9 lbs, 2.4 oz.)

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Since it’s introduction in 1958, the Les Paul Standard has always been the heart and soul of the Gibson USA lineup and today, the Les Paul Standard continues to preserve it’s acclaimed role as the core of the 2013 Year of Les Paul celebration with the 2013 Les Paul Standard Premium. The Les Paul Standard Premium offers incredible versatility, more so than any of its predecessors, exemplifying Les Paul’s vision of both elegance and innovation, and is a faithful respresentation of the union between modern flexibility and playability fused with timeless tone.

The pro business of this 2013 Les Paul Standard premium is crafted from the highest quality tonewoods, visually and tonally appealing AAA birdseye maple for the top and paired with weight relieved mahogany for the back– the classic ingredients for the esteemed Gibson-fueled tone that’s unmistakably ‘Les Paul’. Gibson’s integrates their modern weight relief pattern into the design of these Les Paul Standards. Their modern weight relief is the happy medium in between chambered and traditional weight relief, providing you with optimal resonance (not too much, not too little) with enhanced sustainability, depth, richness, clarity and punch and a slight reduction in the weight for increased player comfort. The body is adorned in a stunning high gloss nitrocellulose lacquer Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish that accentuates the woods beautiful figure patterns and caters to the Les Paul Standard’s enticing appeal. The neck is carved from solid, quarter-sawn mahogany into an asymmetrical version of the coveted  ’60s neck profile, making this one of the most comfortable and appealing necks Gibson has ever produced. The compound radius, bound rosewood fingerboard facilitates outstanding playibility across its entirety, with a flatter radius higher up on the fingerboard, ideal for leads and a rounder radius towards the bottom of the fingerboard, perfect for open chording and rhythm guitar.
Business pros Gibson guitar, Guitar Center Overland Park, Kansas
Under the hood of these 2013 Les Paul Standard Premium’s are a set of upgraded BurstBucker Pro pickups, a #2 in the bridge and a #1 in the neck. Although these pickups are based off of the blueprint for late ’50s PAF humbuckers, Gibson now takes that, and integrates potted coils for low-noise performances even at the highest volumes and utilizes innovative four-conductor wiring for increased sonic versitility. Each pickup is wired to its own independent volume pot and features coil-tapping capabilities, allowing you to split the coils for that single coil tone, while the middle position will facilitate a hum-canceling performance thanks to the reverse-wound/reverse-polarity bridge pickup. The independent tone controls also feature push/pull pots and will further broaden your tonal horizons. For reverse-phase tones just simply pull up tone control for the neck pickup or pop the bridge pickup’s tone control up to tap into Gibson’s innovative Pure Bypass setting, which routes that pickup straight through the output jack and into your amplifier, bypassing the volume and tone controls resulting in superb tonal clarity and scorching hot tones, perfect as an “instant lead” preset.

To provide this guitar with the ultimate sustainability, precise intonation and incredible tuning stability, this 2013 Les Paul Standard features a locking TonePros Tune-O-Matic bridge perfectly matched with high quality business a stopbar tailpiece and a set of the high-quality locking Grover kidney-button tuners. To pay homage to the original, the 2013 Les Paul Standard also employs classic specs including a 24.75” scale length as well as a 1 11/16” corian nut. Other traditional appointments classic trapezoid fingerboard inlays, cream binding, pickup rings and pickguard, amber top-hat knobs and a traditional black and white truss rod cover bell.

The 2013 Les Paul Standard Premium comes fully protected inside of a plush-lined Gibson hardshell case and includes a set of strings, picks and a Gibson keychain.


  • AAA  Birdseye Maple Top
  • Mahogany Back with Modern Weight Relief
  • Mahogany Neck with Compound Radius Fingerboard and Asymmestrical SlimTaper ’60s Profile
  • Coil-Tapped BurstBucker Pro Rhythm and BurstBucker Pro Lead Pickups
  • TonePros Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Stopbar Tailpiece
  • Grover Locking Kidney Tuners with 18:1 Tuning Ratio
  • Includes Hardshell Case, Strings, Picks and Keychain

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Weight Loss Competition!

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MIDWEST NUTRITION FIT & WELLNESS CLUB: This WLC class is a very popular 11-week program currently being offered through Midwest Nutrition in which participants meet together weekly for an hour to learn about proper nutrition, improving eating habits and customizing calorie and protein intakes to match your body’s exact composition. This new information will helps participants lose weight safely and keep it off. Our January New Year, New You challenge and our April Swimsuit Slimdown  challenge was recently featured in Johnson County Lifestyles magazine, Eating Well Kansas City magazine and 4 local Parks & Rec District catalogs and saw our participants lose a combined 1500 lbs and 1400 lbs respectively. We have quickly become one of the most popular programs in the Olathe, Johnson County and Blue Valley. The goal is to have participants living healthy, with vitality and energy for the rest of their lives. Because of all the helpful information and weekly accountability attendance at the weekly classes is a key factor in ensuring success.

  • $29.00 for 11-Week Weight-loss      Challenge (Value $89)
  • Last Competition Participants      Lost A Total of 986 lb!
  • Challenge starts September      30th, 2013
  • Metabolism Test
  • 11 Week Program
  • Personal Coaching
  • Nutritional Information
  • Biometric Analysis

Our FREE 24 FIT BOOT CAMP’s have been a great success: This is FREE to anyone who is ready to get health and fit. We have classes on Monday’s & Wednesday’s 6 AM and 7:30 PM, Friday’s at 6AM and Saturday’s 8AM

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For more information about the Classes/Challenge or the FREE Boot Camp Contact: HOLLY MAUER (913) 638-1881 hajtmauer@yahoo.com

Weight Loss Competition!

Ÿ 11 Week Program

Ÿ $29 Entry Fee (Awarded to Winners)

Ÿ Free Personal Coaching

Ÿ Free Nutritional Information

Ÿ Free Metabolism Test

Ÿ Prize $$ Awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place and a bonus 4th place most-inches winner!

      COMPETITION LOCATION          (pick one day)

Midwest Nutrition                               Beginning SEPT. 30TH 2013       

11964 W. 119th St.                        Mon 6:15pm, Wed 6:15pm, Sat 10:00am Overland Park, KS, 66213

Pre-Registration Now OPEN!

Call to Pre-Register: HOLLY MAUER

(913) 638-1881 / hajtmauer@yahoo.com

Refer 3 and get your program free!

Cash prizes will be awarded to the participants who have lost the biggest percentage of weight.  The 11-week program advises proper nutrition, food choices, and encourages exercise.  Each person will receive personalized weekly, one-on-one coaching.   The cost is $29 for the 11 week program.  All money will be paid out in cash and prizes to the top three participants that have lost the biggest percentage of weight in the 11 weeks.

Each week participants will weigh-in and consult with the coaches, who will help you along the way, offering various options to help reach your ideal weight and body composition.  The program encourages participants to eat a healthy level of protein and calories each day and teaches the benefits of good nutrition and exercise.

For more information about the Classes/Challenge or the FREE Boot Camp Contact: HOLLY MAUER (913) 638-1881 hajtmauer@yahoo.com


Love Your Neighborhood by Janine Korgie, Reece & Nichols – JoCo Southwest.

Reece & Nichols Realtors

Hello Greater Kansas City,

As a Realtor®, I genuinely enjoy it when people ask me for neighborhood values and market activity. Now I can provide you that information on a monthly basis. With aMyNeighborhood Report, you’ll be able to read about:

  • New homes on the market
  • Contract pending and expired data
  • Recently sold properties and details

And if monthly isn’t often enough, I can send you these updates as frequently as you’d like. If you’re interested, let me know, and I will create a custom MyNeighborhood Report to meet your needs.

Janine Korgie
Reece & Nichols – JoCo Southwest
2140 E. Santa Fe
Olathe, KS 66062

Cellular | 913.484.2827
Direct | 913.254.2414
Fax | 913.782.5023

Website |http://Jkorgie.reeceandnichols.com  Licensed in Kansas & Missouri

Proud member of Business Pros of Kansas City.

Realizing Profitable Potential through change

Pam's Logo

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Quick Books Online: Getting Around 
So you finally made the decision to go mobile, and you’ve just spent some time getting acquainted with QuickBooks Online. Moving to the cloud will obviously change the way you work — for the better — and give you new flexibility and accessibility. You’ll also be able to be more responsive to your customers — something they will likely notice and appreciate.
Before you start entering multiple records and transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO), it’s best to know how to navigate within the site. I’ll help you by providing a few tips.
I want to start by showing you how to use multiple windows, which will greatly improve the efficiency of your workflow. You might want to use this feature to reference another part of the site while you’re working in the original window.
Opening a Second Window
You can open new windows directly from the browser window you’re working in by clicking CTRL + N (or, on a Mac, CMD + N). Depending on the browser that you are using, you’ll get different results. With Internet Explorer, you’ll be logged into a QBO screen. In Chrome or Firefox, you would just need to type in the QBO URL — no need to login again to any of these new windows.
Here’s another way to do this in Chrome (which is the recommended browser; it tends to be faster than the others). When I need a new window, I prefer to right-click the Chrome tab representing the window I’m in, and then click Duplicate. A new window, identical to the current one, will open.
 photo Figure1_zps7ab3b327.png
Figure 1: QBO makes it easy to open a duplicate window.
If I need to have those windows side by side, I can just “rip” that tab from the current window (in the Mac version):
 photo Figure2_zps6e714f70.jpg
Figure 2: It’s helpful sometimes to be able to access two windows at once. (Mac Version)
Working with the QBO Menu Ribbon
QBO uses a series of tabs within each window to help you navigate through the site. Each tab — Clients, Company, Employees, etc. — gives you access to a related group of features and tasks. You don’t need to actually click on each tab to access its sub-items. Simply hover over the tab in the QBO menu ribbon and click on the feature you need.
Clicking on a QBO tab defaults to the item on the farthest left, but you can mouse to the correct one. Click on the Customers tab, for example, and the Customer Center opens.
To customize the positioning of your sub-items on the menu ribbon, you can hover over More on the sub-item ribbon with the desired tab highlighted and choose Rearrange Menu from the drop down list.

 photo Figure3_zps00856b3f.jpg

Figure 3: You can set up your navigational tools to work the way you do.
Additional Navigational Help 
QBO also offers a couple of ways for you to learn the ins and outs of the site, which you can reach via the Home menu tab: the Getting Started page, which offers numerous instructional videos and a downloadable Getting Started Guide. There’s also a link to a graphical flow chart illustrating the features available in QBO.
If you didn’t complete setup before you first started using QBO, you can always return to the Setup Interviews. Click on Company | Preferences | Company | Setup Interviews.
A Little Navigational Knowledge Helps
We’ve learned that these few tips can make your initial experience much easier. Learning how the interface works simplifies and accelerates your workflow and reduces the learning curve.
Now that you have the tools to master the basics of navigating in QuickBooks Online, you’ll be ready to customize the product and set your preferences. Please let us know how we can help.

Thank you Pam, Find more information thru her links below:

Pam Morin, CMA, CFM, MBA,  Advanced Certified Quickbooks® ProAdvisor, RPPC, Inc.  http://www.rppc.net,  816.304.4398

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Eden Ally on the Plaza in Kansas City

Eden Ally on the Plaza in Kansas City is a one of a kind in menu selections and organic but traditional ingredients.


707 W 47, lower level of Unity Temple on the Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri
VEGETARIAN. VEGAN. GLUTEN and SOY FREE featuring a blend of LOCAL, ORGANIC and TRADITIONAL ingredients.

English: View within Country Club Plaza, Kansa...

Connected to a six-story parking garage with covered access and wheelchair accessability from the Jefferson side of the garage.
Ride a bike? We have a nine-space bike rack located under the covered access just between the garage and building entrance.

Eden Alley Cafe, a Kansas City vegetarian restaurant, offering a divine flavor for the conscious eater, with a diverse blend of traditional, organic, synthetic-free and local ingredients, in the creation of vegetarian, vegan, soy and gluten free menu items, including an array of weekly specials. to-go orders & reservations (816) 561-5415 | catering (816) 561-7595

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Restaurant Review, Hamburger Mary’s KCMO

After several visits to Hamburger Mary’s of Kansas City, we have to give the following review: Atmosphere: 5 Stars *****   – Wait help: 5 Stars *****  –  Food: 5 Stars *****

Overall a full 5 STARS for great food,entertainment  and all around fun place to eat.

Here is a little history about Hamburger Mary’s in Kansas City

Can you believe it??  Hamburger Mary’s is 40 years old!  Yes, the very first Hamburger Mary’s was open in 1972 in San Francisco!

THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY’S (a brief history)… The original Hamburger Mary’s was the brainchild of a small group of hippies living in San Francisco in the early 70′s.  “We were extremely poor,” says Bob Charles, the last surviving founder of Mary’s.  “We were living on food stamps, SSI, and peace and love.  But we had some drug-induced fantasies of owning our own ‘anti-establishment’ bar/restaurant, run on our own relaxed and laid back agenda.”

Hamburger Mary's Legendary Bingo

Hamburger Mary’s Legendary Bingo (Photo credit: Missus Martian)

With just $500 (a fortune for them at the time), they set out to open a gay-owned, people-friendly gathering spot where everyone was welcome.  Without much cash, they began their operation on a shoestring budget.  Shopping at flea markets and in second-hand stores, they outfitted the original Hamburger Mary’s with mismatched wooden chairs and odd shaped tables.  The dishes and flatware patterns were unrelated and often irregular items, which added to the charm.  Keeping to their hippy tendencies, the original location was named “Hamburger Mary’s Organic Grille.”

Hamburger Mary’s was a success!  A bar was added on the one-year anniversary, and soon the owners expanded to add locations in Portland, Hawaii and Seattle.  Pretty soon, there were Hamburger Mary’s up and down the West Coast (some had licensing agreements, others were just copy-cats).  In 1988, the loosely-knit group of restaurants were molded into a true franchise organization.

Partners Stan Sax and Darren Woolsey opened the original franchised location in Palm Springs, and soon after took over the helm of Hamburger Mary’s International. Under Stan and Darren, Mary headed eastward and franchises opened as far and wide as Fort Lauderdale, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Phoenix, West Hollywood, Denver Kansas City and Chicago.

Under Stan and Darren, the first efforts were made to come up with common menu items and recipes.  But staying true to the spirit of the original Hamburger Mary’s, the new franchisees were given free range to incorporate mismatched dinnerware, colorfully framed artwork (hung in crooked collages), and boldly painted walls.  Walking into any Hamburger Mary’s is like walking into Mary’s home, with each location a little unique in its eclectic décor (yet all the same, “very Mary”).

Hamburger Mary's

Hamburger Mary’s (Photo credit: apalapala)

Stan Sax attributes the rise of Hamburger Mary’s to its openness and acceptance of diversity.  “Rather than the usual gay & lesbian operations that had previously been situated in back alleys or in second-rate locations, Hamburger Mary’s and her owners stood proud in centrally located neighborhoods,” says Stan.  “Our clean operation with fresh food showed the general public they could enjoy a meal in comfort at Hamburger Mary’s. Of course, by happy hour the ‘pink cloud’ descended and the gay and lesbian crowd poured in. No one was ever turned away from Mary’s.”

Although the original locations in San Francisco and Hawaii had long closed, by the mid-2000’s Hamburger Mary’s had reached a peak.  There were eleven locations nationwide, but many franchisees were restless.  One-by-one, they opted not to renew their franchise agreements.  Banking on their own success (and tired of paying royalties), many local owners decided to change the name of their operations.  But they soon found out that their customer loyalty was to the name and Mary’s concept, and one-by-one most of the “formerly Hamburger Mary’s” closed within a year or two.

With only four locations left (West Hollywood, Palm Springs, Denver and Chicago), many people thought Hamburger Mary’s was down for the count.  But Mary’s found new blood in 2007, when the franchise owners of West Hollywood (Dale Warner) and Chicago (twin brothers Ashley and Brandon Wright) pooled their resources to purchase the Master Franchise.

With successful franchise locations of their own and a shared love of the Hamburger Mary’s concept, the three new business partners became instant friends and got to work rebuilding the brand. Their efforts have paid off, and there are now twelve locations (the most there have ever been open at one time). More locations are slated to open soon.  “Our ultimate goal is to have a Hamburger Mary’s in every major city” says Dale. “After all, everyone needs a place to ‘Eat, Drink, and be… MARY!’”

An important virtue that remains key to Hamburger Mary’s today is a commitment to community and environment.  “One thing that sets Hamburger Mary’s apart from other restaurants is our fervent commitment to supporting our local communities,” says Ashley. “From hosting charity bingo events and fundraisers to sponsoring local athletic leagues and theatre troops, each location does its part to give back to its community”. Over the years, Hamburger Mary’s has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthwhile organizations, and has also made strides to be more “green” and reduce their impact on the environment.

Although Mary doesn’t look 40, her warm hospitality and “open-minded spirit” have helped her prosper.  To mark the occasion, Hamburger Mary’s locations nationwide will be celebrating Mary’s birthday with parties, drag shows and events this fall.  “Each location is going to celebrate in their own way,” says Brandon.  “So be on the lookout this fall!”

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