Kansas City Home Inspection Tips – HVAC Company Considerations

Ross Home Inspections of Kansas City

Kansas City Home Inspection Tips – HVAC Company considerations

HVAC Company Considerations

It’s important to select a good HVAC company. The HVAC company that you choose to install or maintain your system will make all the difference in Your Utility bills and the comfort level within your home or office.

Good reputation:

Ask your family, friends and neighbors who installed or maintains their heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Are they happy with the results? What are their utility bills like? Word of mouth is an excellent way to get accurate information about a business’s merit. Any firm can have a large and splashy ad in the phone book or on the side of their service vehicles, but word of mouth is a true indicator of reputation.

Length of Time in Business:

How long have they been in business? An established firm whose been operating successfully for several years is a good indicator. Sometimes new businesses can be great, as well, as long as the owner and workers have had substantial experience elsewhere.

Knowledgeable Techs:

It is wise to ask about the training and experience level of the technicians who will be doing the installation and maintenance. There’s no substitute for adequate experience and training. Warranties and Estimates: Find out what kind of warranty the firm offers for their work. A reliable estimate of the cost of work to be performed is an essential component of a potential job well done.

Customer Service:

The communications skills of the technicians as well as the office staff are important indicators of a successful business relationship with a HVAC company. Are they polite, informative and able to explain the repair or installation procedures in laymen’s terms?


A good indicator of professional ethics in a firm is their reliability factor. Do they do what they say they will? For example, are they punctual? Do they have the parts with them when they come to do the repair job? Do they return calls in a timely manner? Does your system work?

Hours of operation:

Some companies offer seven day a week service, while others are limited to weekdays. Decide which will work for your situation. If you need weekend, evening or early morning service, make certain that the company that you select offers this. It’s also important to find out about a typical wait time for a repair appointment. If you have to several wait days to have a repair person come out, this will be a problem in extreme temps and emergencies.

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